Billboard Design – Outdoor Digital Billboards, MAD Media Hamilton

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Billboard Design – Outdoor Digital Billboards, MAD Media Hamilton

Key Elements When Creating An Effective Design

MAD Medias’ Digital Outdoor Billboards are an effective method of advertising when combined with an overall marketing and advertising strategy.

Using Digital out of Home Billboards to build brand awareness, to promote a product, services, or campaign is an opportunity not to be missed.

MAD’s Digital Billboards takes the traditional static display and by going digital, provides an aesthetically innovative platform – the goal is to let the advertisers stand out from the crowd.

Outdoor digital billboard specialists MAD Media, offer digital billboards, with the goal to create an infallible way to market your business and increase conversion.

MAD Media provides the following crucial elements when designing its outdoor digital billboards.

The Golden Rule: Less is More.

                     i.        One, Two, Three

Someone reading and understanding your message on a digital billboard takes 3 seconds or less. We know that when creating campaigns for our clients, we are creating a combination of text and visuals that will allow commuters to connect to the advertised business brand.

                    ii.        Be Simplistic

At times, commuters  may only have a window to read a billboard as they drive by.

A seven-word capacity allows viewers time to read and remember a displayed message.

Keeping it simple is keeping it practical and convertible.

                 iii.        Make It Easy To Act – Make Sure Your Brand Is BIG

Direct is best. MAD Media suggest ensuring your business name is clearly visible. This is a perfect and straightforward way to ensure the ‘Call to Action’ will succeed – especially when searching online for your business. The easier to find the advertiser the more likely you are of sales.

                  iv.        Time To be Innovative and Creative. One headline, One Image and One Logo

People are visual and will connect with bright, clear images with limited text. Time to get creative! Positivity is vital here to make an impression. People relate to brands through emotion, so consider your target market and be smart with what message you are conveying.

                    v.        Your Brand is Your Campaign

Consistency is crucial when brand building.

Communication should be recognisable, efficient, cost-effective, and noticeable. MAD Media can help your business build its brand by advertising your business across multiple outdoor digital billboards.

                  vi.        Colours and Font Matter

Sharp contrast colours have a higher recall rate. Rather than colours that blend, choose colours that create a bright splash. The colours that pop make a powerful impact that catches the eye instantly.

                 vii.        Make An Impression

Three seconds is all you have to make an impression. Make your campaign memorable, relatable, and creative when designing your message.