MAD Media, Hamilton, Using the DOOH Medium to Build Strong Community Connections

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MAD Media, Hamilton, Using the DOOH Medium to Build Strong Community Connections

MAD Media Digital Outdoor Billboards has expanded its existing billboard network throughout the lower North Island with, two great digital billboards in Hamilton.

“Although based in New Plymouth, we feel that where we have the digital billboards, they become like regional offices for MAD. Jacques Schoeman says that we are not a ‘cold-corporate’ – we want to genuinely help the local community organisations and be a part of them”.

The two new screens are in prime locations – the first screen is situated at the western end of Wairere Drive, and the second site is in Pukete.

Digital billboards are affordable, as such their use can benefit communities in so many ways.
As technology advances, MAD Media strives to provide you with the best value digital out of home (DOOH) billboard advertising.

Digital displays empower the man on the street, by allowing anyone the ability to raise community awareness whilst providing essential information and a community connection.

Although a digital billboard’s primary use is for business advertising, it also serves a purpose for communities. MAD Media is all about supporting and working alongside community organisations, seeing that MAD Media is very much people focussed, where people are becoming just another statistic.

MAD Media and its innovative team will help you integrate outdoor digital advertising into your existing community campaign – reinforcing strong brand awareness and cultivating a loyal community fan base and promoting community and sports event within the region.