MAD Media: Digital billboard company giving back to their Taranaki community

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MAD Media: Digital billboard company giving back to their Taranaki community

MAD Media, a prominent player in New Plymouth’s business landscape, has long been committed to giving back to the community through social giving. Their extensive list of initiatives showcases a genuine dedication to making a positive impact in the region. One of their most prominent sponsorships leading up to Christmas is the beloved “Christmas in the Bowl” an event that brings joy to the hearts of many on December 17th.

“Christmas in the Bowl” is a festive celebration that brings the community together to embrace the holiday spirit. This annual event, sponsored by MAD Media, features live music, food stalls, and an enchanting atmosphere for families to enjoy. It has become a tradition that residents look forward to every year.

In recent months, MAD Media has supported a range of initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to both charity and community development. Taranaki Hospice, a vital organization providing end-of-life care, received assistance from MAD Media. This support ensures that individuals and their families receive the care and compassion they need during challenging times.

MAD Media also backed New Zealand Blood’s efforts, highlighting the importance of blood donations in saving lives. They contributed to Conductive Taranaki, a program helping people with disabilities achieve their full potential. Their support extended to Highlands Intermediate School, NP Roller Sports Club, SPCA, We Love Dogs Charitable Trust, and Project Play, all of which play essential roles in enhancing the local community’s well-being.

MAD Media’s impact goes beyond traditional charities; they’ve supported individual athletes, like Monique Wieruszowski, a young talent striving to set a world swim record. Additionally, they’ve sponsored events like Sam Rapira’s Hybrid Fight Night, showing a commitment to promoting local talent and entertainment.

As the key sponsor for NABBA Bodybuilding Nationals 2023, MAD provided extensive advertising in the lead-up to the event. As part of their commitment to helping organisations such as NABBA, the team at MAD provided professional competition photos & video to the athletes and community at no cost.

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MAD Media does not only support the Taranaki community, they also work closely for charities and other not-for-profits in Whanganui and Hamilton. The newest community to benefit from MAD’s generosity will be the township of Taupo, where MAD is going live with the newest board at the start of December 2023.

MAD Media’s dedication to the community is an example of how businesses can make a meaningful impact beyond their core operations. Through their sponsorship of “Christmas in the Bowl” and support of various initiatives, they’re spreading joy and improving lives in the region, embodying the true spirit of community engagement and social giving.