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OOH is the way to go in 2022 and beyond

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  Digital Billboards for your next advertising campaign

OOH in 2022

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising was once limited to static billboards, bus stop posters and other static signage that limited results, made it difficult to accurately target a specific audience. This may have worked for big-budget movies or giant fast-food chains with locations around every corner, but it did little to satisfy the promotional needs of evolving businesses. Consumer brands have always needed a more powerful tool to amplify their products, and now OOH has caught up to their needs. OOH has evolved significantly in recent years and has become a cost-effective solution for reaching consumers on both a national and a local scale. This evolution was no doubt further influenced by the global pandemic, significant weather occurrences and ongoing supply chain kinks that have turned our world upside down. However, the change began long before hand. With arguably just as much flexibility and fluidity as other digital marketing channels, OOH and more specifically, digital out-of-home, is providing brands with the confidence and data to support their media plans.

A true omni-channel vehicle

Like most forms of advertising, OOH has gone digital, providing brands with the ability to better target consumers with relevant messages and accurately measure results. Digital out-of-home can be deployed programmatically, to reach audiences at contextually relevant moments, with dynamic ad placement driven by real-time data.

2022 is the year for out-of-home

Ongoing technological advancements are empowering brands to do more with their out-of-home campaigns. They can better target specific markets and more accurately measure the results to determine the campaign’s effectiveness. Most significantly, DOOH has now become a cost-effective way to achieve a wider audience catchment, while providing the flexibility to customize at the local level while also responding to last-minute changes. These are just a few of the benefits of DOOH and some of the many reasons why 2022 will be the year out-of-home shines.  

How can MAD MEDIA help you?

Are you a business owner? Do you want promote/advertise your business? Why not give DOOH (digital out of home) and more particularly the team at MAD MEDIA a go. MAD is able to offer digital sites not only in New Plymouth, Whanganui & Hamilton (our three main centres as at July 2022) – but also the wider NZ. Please use the Contact page on this website to get in touch with the team today! MAD Digital Board                                                                       External Links: MAD Media is a proud Key Regional Partner of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce – Our profile here: MAD Media is a proud Key Regional Partner of the Whanganui Chamber of Commerce – Our profile here: MAD Media is a proud member of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce – Our profile here:   Acknowledgements: * Content Acknowledgement: Norm Chait