Outdoor Advertising during lockdown – Yes or No?

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Outdoor Advertising during lockdown – Yes or No?

Is there a better way to advertise? The answer may surprise you. It’s time to embrace the
future of marketing – digital outdoor billboard advertising (DOOH).

While businesses and advertisers may be less inclined to go all in on OOH during COVID lockdowns, research suggests a rebound always follows these lockdowns.
After being forced to connect with each other solely through screens for weeks on end, most of us are more inclined than ever before to look up, rather than into tiny phone screens, when we’re outside next.
Outdoor advertising is the best way to reach your audience as there appears to be a glut of advertising on social media and television. Businesses looking for different ways to stand out. MAD MEDIA is your cost effective answer! With digital billboards in New Plymouth, Whanganui and Hamilton, we can help you get your product, brand or event noticed by the masses. For affordable digital billboard advertising, contact our sales team today!

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